Guy at my work looks towards my boobs a lot? But he's engaged?

It's a fairly common occurrence. We both work as teachers and at work if I'm talking to him I notice him looking at me as we chat and then his eyes just automatically wonder to my boobs. Then back to my eyes.

I've caught him sneaking quite a few glances and some even when I'm looking directly at him!

Dont get me wrong, he's a lovely guy and maybe his isn't even meaning to be looking there. But the fact I've caught him so many times makes it seem intentional/something he can't help.

What do you think? Normal?


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  • You must have amazing boobs

    • They're a 32DD and I'm very petite and slim with a curvy hourglass figure. But I don't know! Haha

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    • Not sure about hot? I'm pretty small. Only around 5'2.

    • Ya, I solved the mystery. Sounds like you have a banging body.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's a natural human instinct to look at certain areas of the body. It varies between people and genders but there's no way to help it. Most people don't even notice it and have no idea they do it. He could very likely be one of them.

    • Cool :) I'm sure he doesn't because he is a lovely man! And engaged too.

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    • Good idea 😉

    • Thanks!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Tell him that it makes you uncomfortable

    • It doesn't make me uncomfortable :)

  • He's married, not dead

    • He's engaged... and surely an engagemed man would rather only look at his partners breasts.

    • Like I said, he's married, not dead

What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't think much of it