How should I go about getting this girl to go out with me?

She stopped answering me like in 2004 for reasons she can't remember.. And I finally got in contact with her because she was hard to get a hold of. I still think she's really pretty too but now she has a boyfriend and it's not fair because I was waiting since 2002 or 2003 to get a chance. How can I push this without it backfiring at me? I mean it doesn't sound like she is madly in love anyway and frankly it's not fair. I've thought about this for half my life.


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  • You can't push it and you cannot control how things are. She's not interested in you, she's interested in him, that's why she chose to date him.
    As for her not being madly in love, how exactly can you judge that?
    I'd advise you to move on.


What Guys Said 1

  • move on she has a boyfriend...