I always see my new boyfriend online on Facebook chat but he never says hi when I'm online I always have to say hi first?

He goes online and offline every few minutes so I know he's actively using fb so would be able to see me online. When I say hi he always replies straight away.

I have 2 questions:

1. am I wrong to message him first all the time (should I wait for him)?

2. If he never messages me first does that mean he doesn't like me enough?


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  • in answer to your question there is nothing wrong with wanting to talk to your boyfriend and sending a message first isn't a bad thing, and to the second one if he doesn't message first he could be busy or just not have looked who's on chat.


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  • Please tell me you aren't actually 30-35


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  • I wouldn't say you're wrong for doing so, but I would definitely advise you to stop. If he's dating you, he doesn't mind talking to you, but if you message him every single time (or even almost this much) then you're probably coming off as over bearing and needy.