My girlfriend won't let me kiss her?

Its been a 2 years since i am dating this girl. She shows tremendous affection about me. Sometimes when we gets space we both hold hands hugs each other but when its time for kiss. She won't let me do it. I have been trying my best from last 1 year (might more than that). She's ok with it on her cheeks but when i go for lips she won't let me do it. I tried to talk to her on this topic but she denies every time.
Just for info - ** I am 17 and she's 16. I am her first love and the only guy she's intrested in.. Same way around **
Please Suggest me what should i do?


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  • Sounds like maybe her first kiss is a huge thing to her, all you should do is not force it, let her react towards kissing


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  • Stop trying to kiss her

    she's ibviously aware that you want a kiss from her and she's not letting you.. So don't show you want to kiss her.. She'll miss it

    Its her fault anyway, might take a couple of days or a couple of weeks but she will notice


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  • Mmm maybe she thinks this first kiss of hers is a big of a deal (meaning she wants to kiss the right way or kiss the right person) Almost like a lip virgin.


    She is afraid that she will muck up the kiss or something along those lines.

  • Just because she doesn't want to kiss doesn't mean she doesn't like you. I'd say stop trying to kiss her and let her in her comfort zone. You don't know the reasons behind that: maybe it's against her education or religion, maybe she wants to wait though she likes you, maybe she thinks she's too young, maybe she has herpes... ok I highly doubt that last one lol. You can try to talk it out again. Be comprehensive and gentle and she might open up and tell you the reason.


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