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Dating this girl for 3 weeks now, yesterday we were texting and it got racy and she said how good I make her feel and how she's afraid it'll scare me off cause she "squirts" then she's like "it's bad, my best friend gave me the nickname squirts" I replied quote the nickname to have publically, she got mad I could tell cause she said it's not public and said goodnight, now why would she even tell me that, it bothered me cause some of her bestfriends are guys, now don't know who she's referring to when she sad best friend but I thought it was inappropatee, an I right to be bothered or not a big deal


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  • Well you have ever right to be bothered , but you have to realize she just pretty much let you know that your considered someone she trust and sex is available , whether she ment to or not. She most likely did get upset cause well if her best friends are male it doesn't mean the know from experience something like that could have simply been shared by a previous boyfriend or her, herself between their group to assume everyone knows would have upset me as well. That's not something girls put out there.


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  • Hm. Seems a little weird. I mean on one hand, she clearly was giving you the 'I'm going to have sex with you' kind of vibe... But I don't think what you said was necessarily offensive.

    She maybe is just embarrassed and was hoping for you to be like "I'm not worried about that - I'm into you" or something along those lines. probably not a big deal if you just show her a little more *sexual* interest and show her that it doesn't bother you.

  • Hahaha I would have said the same thing I don't know why she would be offended. I bet she has been with some of her guy friends that's why she got offended.

    I would never say something like that to my boyfriend. Ever


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