Girls how do you do it?

Girls how do you do it? You can get your heart broken repeatedly and still bounce back! Had mine broken once and will never let it happen again! I skateboard I smashed my head, sprained my ankle, twisted my knee and cherry my elbow! But the pain of a heart break can't compare to any of them things!


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  • I agree with you on this. I had my heart broke when I was 15 and was depressed and pushed all my friends and family away, did drugs, drank etc and that lasted for 8-9 years. I said I'd never fall for anyone again and had a couple friends with benefits relationships that worked out fine because I didn't want anything more than sex and that's all they wanted. I have fallen in love again but I do know if him and I don't work out I know I can't go through that again and will just keep friends with benefits and be single the rest of my life. I don't see how people can date and breakup and just move on like its nothing but I've sorta came to a conclusion that since it's so much easier for them to just move on maybe that person just wasn't the one and they never really felt love for them. When I was depressed all I wanted was to be with him and be there for him and he was the only guy I wanted the entire time, I didn't date anyone or even think about other guys because he knew how I felt and if for some reason things changed I knew I wanted him and didn't want to ruin my chances of being with him. It's sorta funny my boyfriend now has same sort of features as the last guy like same color hair and eyes but my boyfriend and I are much closer and have a great relationship than the other guy and I, it almost feels like I was put through that as a way to prepare me for the relationship I have now. Him and I have each been hurt and after talking about it we sorta dealed with it the same way and we are each other's first relationship since getting hurt so we both can understand how it is to get hurt and how some things with relationships are scary like we've been together for 2 years and we know we love one another but we've never said it but saying I love you is a very hard thing for me because it means I've expressed how I feel for him in words and there's no doubt and I love him in every way just how he is.

    • See I'm going through the same thing! But I might just stick with the friends with benefits. When it happen I started to drink a lot to but my friends really did help with things tho. Happy to hear your back at it again! Wish you luck

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  • That only happens because you allow yourself to become too emotionally invested in a woman before you really know if she's long-term relationship material. Remember, she has to earn your trust and respect just as much as you have to earn hers. There's nothing one-sided about it.


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  • You know what? You are stronger than you realize. If other people can do it, you can do it as well.
    Some people turn their hearts into stone and they stop investing emotionally in other people. It's the safe option and the less risky one.
    However, many things in life are worth the risk.


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  • Girls talk about their emotions to a few people, and get it off their chest, lessening their healing time.

    Men tend to be emotionally introverted, so we don't heal as fast on average. Social norms for some reason "teach" men not to be open with their emotions. :-/