What does it mean when someone says ''you are dead to me''?

This guy constantly tried to make me feel like i wasn't good enough for him, he constantly said i was unstable, i can't make up my mind, i'm of low quality, and he never even tried to get to know me, he met me 4 times and during that time i was very unhappy, so i seemed ''lazy and like i had a bad attitude'', but the couple months after i worked two jobs while going to school as usual. He thinks im this girl that sleeps around with other men and do nothing all day but ''chilling'' he is so judgmental and really made me angry, im still a virgin by the way and im 23 and never slept with any man, he was my first to be so intimate with, all these words made me really insecure and i felt like he couldnt measure up to my beauty so he felt out of control by controlling me this way, he kept ignoring my texts and said i should go while he kept reading my messages, he didn't blocked me either, so i send him a long message saying that till the day of my last breath he is DEAD in my eyes and did he will never be acknowledged as a human being in my eyes. He just said ''ok''. I blocked him, why did he think so low of me? If someone cares aren't they supposed to be there to help you figure life out instead of leaving you in the dirt. Was it too harsh of me to say? and dont say ohh he is a jerk blabla, no give me real answers,


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  • To lazy to read the text, I just answer the title. It means the Person who said this doesn't want to have ANYTHING to do with the other person. ANYTHING ever again. AT ALL. Like the other Person is dead. Thats what "you're dead to me" means.

  • "you're dead to me" means absolutely no contact, no emotional investment, and empathy for the target person will also be very minimal to nonexistent.


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