Fall in love with guy and I hate it why did I fell so fast?

short story I think this guy I fell for was trying to use me for sex since the last time we fought he said he was just looking for a good time. Now it been 3 months since I last spoken to him and I can't get over him and I'm trying so hard but I feel like its no use I don't want to wait for him anymore I know secretly I am waiting for me to change his mind about me and I know its not use >.<. I'm not the type who just falls for anyone I really don't understand how I fell for this guy when I just got out of a 3 year relationship before that and I wanted nothing to do with boys at all but there something about him that I love and I don't know what it is but quite frankly I want to get over him. But I'm asking is why did I fell for him?


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  • Well, who knows he may still change his mind. It's okay, it happens you are still young so you will learn with time. Next time just remember to take it a little slow, know what you want in a guy and then go for it. List out your standards if you want too.

    • I mean list it out for yourself so that next time you can be clear


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  • Maybe you love how he shows you that you aren't important as you think you are & it's hurts you, to be treated like that but you love it, if he never used you and things went your way you wouldn't fall for him... You love that type

    • Nice try but I'm not your ex so bye felica

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    • @Dave20152 and someone's a fuck boy little pussy boy

    • Bye Felicia

  • The more we get to know someone, the more we tend to fall for them

    • well I have talk to him years before when I was in my 3 year relationship and do remember he was a nice guy I don't know what happen to that nice guy thou.

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    • very*

    • Just sayin'

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