Girls would you like it if your boyfriend gave you little gifts right out of the blue? would you appreciate it? Or would that be too much?

Would you feel like you need to do the same for him, would not like it because of that?


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  • As long as it's not over the top, little surprises are a good thing! My man surprises me with smoothies whenever he stops for coffee for himself on the way to my house, left cash on my kitchen counter to find when I woke up for me to enjoy a shopping day when he was going to be gone riding his quad for the day, flowers for no "reason". Things like jewelry or anything expensive would be a little too much, in my opinion.

    And yes, I try to do little things for him as well. Everything in a relationship is a two way street!


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  • Gift are never ever abad unless you got one of those weird girlfriend that will think. That's doing too much. Either way go for it.

  • Yes I would love it! It wouldn't have to be something expensive it could be like chocolate, flowers or whatever. u would feel happy cuz I would know he is thinking about me and wants to make me happy.😊 but since I dont have a boyfriend I just give myself presents hahaha.

  • Of course. I like presents!

    Especially if they are wrapped.

    No one wraps the gifts anymore.💔


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