Is it wrong to find a Transvestite attractive if your not gay?

One time I was in a store and saw this girl and was staring at her she was average looking but cute in her own way. I decided to try and talk to her but when I got closer I could make out tiny dark facial hairs under nose and chin and when she spoke it was a mans voice, yikes!

I got fooled he/she really looked like a woman the transition went well but didn't change the voice yet.

Im straight, is it wrong I found "him" attractive even though he looks/dresses like a she? Is it human nature to be drawn to those that look like the opposite sex even though this wasn't?


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  • Well, I've seen transvestites that I though looked physically very attractive. It just shows that there is a wide range of femininity/masculinity in men and that a lot can be done to make them look like women. I like to think of it as false advertising. When you figure out they really aren't of the female persuasion that changes the equation.


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  • Thank god I have never experienced that!
    But I think you were just fooled
    Your mind registered it as a girl at first and then realized
    WTF it's a dude! I think if you knew she was a tranny at first that would be weird..

  • First attraction isn't 'wrong', it's just being fooled. Continued attraction would hint at being bi or gay.

  • Its Ok bro, we all get duped sometimes. :-P