Moms friends wants me to meet their son?

Met two of my moms friends yesterday, had a nice dinner with them. One time one of her friend who was from US told me to visit her there sometimes and i jokingly said "mom! Can i come, prbbly someone there will like me *laugh*" and when i said that her friend said "yes! You know my son is single.. You can date him" showed me a picture of her son. He was oh so goodlooking. And after that one of my moms other friend was like "here here look at my son, he's 28, he's younger than *the other guys name*. If you dont want to be with him let me know, I'll arrange a date for you and my son" i was just laughing and say "okay okay haha".

Before we said goodbye they were talking about it again. Im kind of scared now cause my mom and her friends kept on talking about it on the phone. What should i do?

ps: I told both my mom and her friends i was only joking when i said that


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  • Go for it Iv heard a few people that's worked for :)

    • Its gonna be really awkward 😖😖

    • Not at all you've already got mams approval and if a date doesn't work out all you gotta say is before you go on the date is that you really aren't sure if you have time to date cos you've so much on. But give it a fair chance

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