His Facebook profile is empty, is that weird?

I recently started dating someone. His Facebook profile is really empty though! He has over 1000 friends, but there's nothing on it but an cover photo update and a few statuses from like 2005 - 2010. Isn't this is a little weird? Is there something getting hidden? I don't use Facebook much, but even I have tagged posts from the last 6 months. He's on Facebook regularly too.

He's noteably older than me, in his early 30's. He seems the sort of guy that was a pretty heavy partier in his early days. Am I just being paranoid about what he might be like? I'm still trying to get to know him.


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  • sounds like me tbh. i was a heavy partier 5 years or so ago. was on fbook a lot but i dont ever use it any more.

    I still have all the people i met on nights out etc as friends still but everyone knows i dont use it, so i dont get notifications etc.

    you're being paranoid.


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  • He has u on restricted or his posts are set to private


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  • He could have you on restricted profile. Does sound odd.