Shy guys, how would you act if a confident girl told u she likes you? would you feel pressured?

Let's say the girl has more experience than you and she has a more confidence and outgoing personality. She likes you but what now? Would you feel pressured and avoid her for a while?


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  • Needs a little more info to give an accurate response, but basically all that matters is how shy he is and if he likes you or not.

    So to start, depending on how you told him, he will definitely take some time to think about it. If he isn't interested or if he thinks you're just playing a joke (he'd have to be pretty shy for this or think very highly of you) then he's going to ignore you as much as possible until it all goes away.

    If he does like you, he'll take some time to think about how he's going to respond and then he'd better respond, unless it's the instance where he thinks you're just playing with him.

    So all in all, he will feel pressured. Best give him a few days to think about it and if you're confident, just talk with him one on one to let him know you're serious and see if he feels the same way.


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  • pressured? indeed...

    i'd try to shake off ma shyness & pressure basically... IF i liked her... i'd try to convince maself i've got nothing to lose by talkin to her... only to earn... i'd say to maself "just do it"... ;)

  • I would ask her what she wants me to do about it.