Guys, Help me take things slow?

Never have I been the one to take things slow in life. It’s my personality to give 110% in everything I do, including relationships. Here is my situation. One day by chance, fate whatever you want to call it this guy and I ran into each other. When he entered the room it was like a force I had never felt before that made me stop what I was doing and look his way. This was before I had even seen his face. I continued to do what I was doing and he was talking to someone, telling his story. To cut to the chase… we talked for a brief moment and he added me on facebook. We have talked everyday since. Even talking on the phone for several hours a few times. I am 33 he is 34. I was married for 12 years, him engaged twice. We have this scary, comforting, electric connection. We have not seen one another since those 5 mins the day we met. He and I both have admitted to one another how crazy it is to be falling for one another. It is something out of movies, the feelings we both have shared. So, here is my thing.. Me being a woman I am.. I want to hang out, see him, do things with him. He has withheld seeing me but we do have a couple dates planned. He has said “Just trying not to rush things”, “I just like you a lot already”. I believe everything he has said and when I tell my friends about him I usually say.. “When you know.. you just know”. He must have more self control than me. He says he wants to see me but its been 2 weeks since we have been talking. Part of me knows that is good to take things slow… but Im going crazy wanting to just be around him, Hell just once. He has said before.. “I know once I get around you I won’t want to be apart from you”. Two nights ago he asked me if I wanted to date him, meaning we werent talking or seeing anyone else. He asked what the date was and the said "I will need to remember this date". Help me take things slow, I don’t know how to!


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  • Sounds very similar to my situation. she is wanting to take it slow though in my case. Just remember to take it day by day and do not read too much into it if he has to cancell plans, or life gets in the way occasionally, and above all if you see him on fb and he isn't talking to you don't freak out and say something you'll regret. All that will do is push him away more.

    • Thank you. It's a weird new concept of not being in control of the situation.

    • It is for e as well. So far though aside from a little confusion it has been great.