What do I do? Please help?

I recently started seeing this guy, we have been on 3 dates already. We get along sooo well and its obvious we both like eachother. I met him when it was close to my bday and I was talking a lot about my get together i am having. I felt rude for talking about it, so i invited him just being polite. I really thought he would say decline but even though he accepted, looking back on it now, i feel like it might be abit early and i really dont want to rush things, but i guess if he is okay with it then i should be too, right? Do you think i made a mistake or should i just get really drunk, go with the flow and not worry about a thing? I guess any girl would be over the moon if the guy they liked wanted to meet their friends so soon, and i should be too and i am.. to some extent.. but i also feel like this is moving fast, i just feel abit overwhelmed. I guess ill just have to trust that things will work out. After all i was the one who invited without thinking. What is your best advice?


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  • My best advice for you is calm down it's fine and I don't think it's a big deal and nothing is better than spontaneous things just be yourself and you will be fine


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  • Honestly it all comes down to your faith and trust in both this guy and your friend. The fact that he agreed to come is a sign that he is a keeper. If you have instantly clicked with him and had chemistry on the first three dates and you're loving every minute with him then I think this is actually an awesome opportunity. When a guy agrees to meet your inner circle it means that he is in it for more than what you have down in your underwear. It means that he's genuinely interested in you and your social life and wants to be a part of it and have your friends approval. He is not afraid to be seen with you in public so you aren't just some side meal. I'd say he is really into you and you need to relax and flow with it. He sounds like a smooth guy. Things will pan out great if you stop worrying and just let it happen. it was going to happen anyway so why not a little earlier on? If he's completely up for it and you're the one thats uncomfortable then maybe you're the one who isn't fully into it or a bit hesitant. All im saying is trust your gut instinct, relax and go with the flow.

    • Thank you, hearing that from you made me feel so much better. I have anxiety so you can imagine some times I feel wayy too much and get overwhelmed haha. You're totally right though, everything you said. :)