If you are seeing someone for the second time and the last time it ended badly, what would you do if they are showing the same signs?

last time we dated I found out she was sleeping with someone else behind my back and making excuses why she couldnt come see me. We started talking again recently, were intimate rather quickly, both agreed we really enjoyed being with each other. Yet she is starting with the same routine again. Breaking plans at almost last minuet or making excuses why we can't spend time together but is constantly texting or calling me throughout the day. Both times she was the one saying she wanted to take it slow and not to push.


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  • Sleeping with someone else, that means it's cheating, right? I think you deserve that. It's cool that you gave her a chance, but I feel that in a relationship, what's essential is trust, commitment and loyalty. If she can't even make 2 out of 3, she's not a keeper. Sorry to be blunt, but you'll be better off with someone else. Because you can love her to the max now, but in the future, you'll regret it.


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  • For whatever reason, she just isn't into you enough to only want to see you. She may be confused on what she wants, or likes to juggle more than one guy. Personally, this is someone I would not waste my time with. I would simply tell her it is obvious she isn't fully into me and someone interested in someone else. I would tell her I can't be with someone like that.

    • one of my friends made the comment the other night pretty similar to what you just did. They said it seems i am her go to guy when things fall apart , then she just sets me aside thinking ill be there no matter what.

    • Yes, the "back up" guy thing, exactly!


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  • I would remind her that this is beginning to put you in mind of a rerun of a part of life that you didn't enjoy