If there's someone whom you have rejected long back, but you come to know that this person is still into you, how would you react?

Let's say it's been a good long year and a half since you rejected and this person still seems to be very much intrested in you. Would that creep you out? or would you find it cute?


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  • If I had changed my views about them, I'd consider dating them. If not, I wouldn't bother. Also I'd neither find it cute, nor creepy. I'd be neutral about it.


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  • I wouldn't b creeped out or find it cute... Maybe I'd b indifferent. Wouldn't really matter to me if I'm not into them like that...


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  • I would feel neutral about it
    I mean even if he's still showing interest rejection is a damaging experience and he didn't forget and yes maybe it was just a obstacle to him but never underestimate your opponent you don't know how people truly feel he can be concocting the biggest mind fck of the century smiling, holding open doors n buying roses all the while in the back of his head thinking "I'm a get this beezy , reject me mmm I didn't forget" lmao

    As you can see I'm slight jaded af lol but its just a random scenario