If my ex is truly in love with his new girlfriend, do I have absolutely no chance of getting him back now?

I regret ending it more than I have ever regretted anything in my life.


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  • You sure you just don't regret because he found someone else?

    But yeah, I'd say you have no chance. But also depends on how long they've been together


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  • If he's happy with someone else, don't try and get him back. Do you want to potentially hurt him and his girlfriend just because you want him back? It isn't worth it and it will hurt you too in the long run. If he breaks up with her, maybe there's a chance, but if he's happy with another woman, let him have that happiness. You will find another man sometime down the road, but first you must be open to the idea.


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  • If he is with someone else you need to accept that because if it was meant to be with you two it would have been