Ever had that one person you never seem to get over or give up on?

you know that one person you want to be with or were with and for whatever reasons things didn't go as planned but your still not over them. or there still like around and in the picture. i have this girl who has been an issue for a while now , that i never really seem to get over or that she reappears from time to time. its frustrating cause you never seem to really move on and don't get a clear answer as to if its going to ever happen or not.
how do you like come to a decision as to what to do about this person? its hard to just give up on someone you care about


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  • encouraging words : go get her then!!!

    • yeah I saw her on the weekend and just left as confused as ever about her intentions , so now I don't really know what to do

    • Talk to her and ask her straight up
      That's the really the only thing you can do

      You'll either get some closure so you can move on or sparks will fly.. This is one of those situations GAG can't guesstimate

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  • I was one of them to my girlfriend ahha took her years because I didn't like her at all😂

    Anyway it really depends on the circumstances

    For example: the girl you're fixated with... Did you try an ask her out? Start things? If not then try make a move.. Ask her out and regardless of she rejects you or not.. You'll either move on or become more then friends

    If you have and got rejects maybe you're too attached to this woman and need to learn to let go of the attachment?


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