Girls is she playing hard to get?

Long story short

I got dumped by my current girlfriend. I began dating a new girl and i told her i wanted nothing serious. I began sleeping with her and she got attached. I soon begin being distant because she was getting too close/serious. I guess she got tired of waiting and she too dumped me. She started dating a new guy and that has been it. She's been ignoring me since then. I have taken sometime to myself and i noticed i missed out on this new girl badly. Meaning she was the one. No doubt this new girl must of thought all i wanted was sex etc but that wasn't it. I now today sent the new girl a text and this is how it went & she finally text back.

Me: Hey beautiful? i miss you

Her: Hi john, and an you not call me that?

Do you think she's playing hard to get? she sure does sound like it. Especially if she's ignored me in the past.


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