How to tell if he is a player?

A question for a friend, she met someone he seem really nice to nice really. The thing is she she is lives in a different state, so its a long distance thing. He has told her he likes her and he is interested in her, Is there ways you can tell if he is a player?


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  • Well first off if he is a player you will never know, because he won't show he's a player around you. A good way to call him out on it is say are you player if he gets all weird about that question he could be, but if he says something yeah I'm a player I'm a hell of a poker player, then he's prob a player. The only way you'll be able to tell is if you catch him in the act, or if someone tells you.


What Girls Said 1

  • The only way that I can think of to tell if he is a player or not is to see his myspace if he has one or whatever site like that. Look at his friends list and see how many are girls that he could have possible dated/ had sex with. Also if he talks a lot about sexual things online/on the phone then I would probably automatically assume he is a player!

    • Yea he does have a myspace, he has told her that none of them are his exs, and he also told her that he is not going to sleep with anyone cause in a way it would be wrong he wants to show her he is a good guy.