Should I be worried about my girlfriend?

She said I'm too controlling and I should not demean her as a woman and that I should let her go make out/ have sex with any guy she wants because she's "not my slave". She says feminism is recognizing a woman's independence and men should not have any say in their lives. I reluctantly agreed to let her do this, but I'm not sure...


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  • There's no justification for cheating. If she doesn't want to be in a monogamous relationship and you do, then maybe you guys aren't right for each other.

    It's ridiculous of her to use feminism as a justification for cheating. I don't identify as a feminist personally, but I think the movement is more about supporting equal rights for both genders -- it has nothing to do with being a shitty girlfriend.


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  • Is she really your girlfriend?


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  • Well this isn't about your control it's about her commitment. It seems like she wants the relationship between you and her but doesn't want to give up her single ways. I am a feminist but a relationship means commitment to one person not having sex with everyone you want and still coming home to your loving boyfriend.


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