Is this normal or has he lost interest?

Been talking to a guy online for a year. He was an acquaintance of both my ex and I for 4 years, until we split. Then he started messaging me on Facebook and we started flirting. In the beginning we would stay up very late and talk for hours, and then slowly things went to a more normal schedule and we would talk just until it was time for bed. He also has gotten less and less chatty as time has gone on... And now even though we talk every day still, sometimes it's just only checking in with eachother (What's up\hows it going? Etc) for the whole day. He doesn't try to make small talk too much. He also used to play stupid games with me online just so we could do sometime together and we don't really do that anymore. Does him being less talkative mean he has lost interest or is it just a normal reaction to time going by after the initial phase of getting to know someone?


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  • Lost interest, may have met someone near by.


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  • It sounds like it's running its course and he has more stimulating conversations elsewhere or in real life Why can't you get together in person?