Can a guy call a girl sweetie or any kind of pet name? They do it to me?

I've been noticing girls calling me sweetie here and there, not sure why I guess they're just being friendly since I don't even know them. Like the bartender, the girl at the gas station. etc. Maybe they think i'm twelve. haha Makes me wonder if it's ok for me to say the same kind of thing to girls? Not just cause she said it first, I could be like thanks sweetheart when she gives me my change or something like that.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Sweetie is just something you say when you don't know someone name , I say sweetie all the time instead of saying "hay you! "Because that is super rude😅 and yes a guy can call a girl a pet name like sweetie if she calls you that first but please don't call them sweetheart , it sounds like something your grandpa 👴🏽would call you😂😂😂😂


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, they can provided the girl is okay with it otherwise not.