How do I get a girlfriend if I dont have guy friends to begin with?

I dont have a lot of friends, just because I am socially incompetant, so I spend a lot of time alone. I really want to find a girlfriend who I can hang out with. I see a lot of relationships where the guy and girl are together all the time, and you see them together a lot, I want something like that because I think it is really cute. The problem is, I dont know how they get into those relationships. I have done some research online and they say to invite her to hang out with you and your friends at some point to get closer to her. Well I dont have friends, and apparently girls dont like guys who dont have friends, so how do I hide that from women? I just want a girlfriend, what do I do if I dont have friends?


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  • ): If you get a good answer can you let me know?

    I don't really have friends either, and the only way I'd feel comfortable becoming someone's girlfriend would be if I got close to him as a friend first.

    The one time I've really felt like I was in love with a guy he was someone I met online

    *hugs* I hope that you find someone soon <3


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  • Well, you are not wrong to want a girlfriend, but I hope you don't get desperate, I mean you don't seem desperate right now which is good, and desperation is an unattractive quality so don't let it get to you.

    Anyways coming back to the topic, I am not sure when you said that women don't like men who don't have guy friends, I don't understand where does that logic come from? I don't believe that's true. I would suggest that along with the research you have done, also try to understand yourself better, analyse yourself very well, know what you want from a relationship, set your standards for yourself and for your relationship that you desire. I am not sure if you have any image of your "dream girl" or the kind of woman that you want, but if you do, then I would suggest define your standards, the list, the criteria for that woman and don't be satisfied until you find the kind of woman you want. Yes it may take time, but you shouldn't give up and never settle for anything less that what you think you deserve. I would write these down in a piece or word document for yourself, writing it down is better because it will help you understand things better and clearly and will help you in analysis as well. Writing it down will help you know where you stand and what you need to do. By your self analysis you will know where you are falling short, for example if you think you are lacking patience then work on your patience, develop your patience so this was one example, but you see it's always important you be prepared even before you enter into a relationship. I mean don't think like " let me first get a girlfriend" whatever happens let it happen, many people get into relationships without preparing themselves before hand. Try to correct any mistakes, errors or defects in your personality as much as possible before you can think about getting a girlfriend, I know 100% perfection is not possible, but then you can try to make yourself as perfect as possible for the kind of relationship you desire to have, try to make yourself the kind of boyfriend a woman will find irresistible, try to make yourself the kind of boyfriend such that a woman never thinks about leaving you.

    Hence I would suggest try to do these things that I have mentioned above before you think about having a girlfriend, that will help you in a big way.

    I hope my opinion helps you in some way. Good luck.


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  • Have you asked the "Most Helpful Girl" yet if you can get to know her better?

  • nothing wrong there... getting more adventurous is a good idea. you'll always meet people who love the same activities as you :)


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  • I'm with you in the whole "I think it is really cute" thing.

    Invite her to hang with you some time. Well, since you seem like a loner, maybe get to know girls first, find one that interests you, and ask her to hang out.
    Eventually your girlfriend might be kinda grateful you don't have friends, because then you can spend more time with her and maybe her friends. It depends on what she's like though.

    I don't think you necessarily need to friends to have a girlfriend. It's just that most people have friends, and most guys have had a girlfriend by the time they're 16, so its correlative.

  • LOL! same boat here. I chatted up a chick on the street (who, as it turns out, also has no friends!) We've been together 7 years. Other than that, I got nothin'.