How do I ask a girl in my dorm hall out?

There is this girl I'm interested in my hall. The thing is that I rarely see her. People in my college usually stay in their rooms and don't come out unless it's to go to class, go out, etc. So it's just by blind luck that I get to walk by her in the hall. It's been three weeks and I've only walked by her two times in the hall. Anyways, I don't know her and she doesn't know me, so when I do see her, what should I say? I've heard of guys who have asked girls out straight off the bat, but I don't know about that. What do you guys think? Should I ask her out or make friends with her. And if I do make friends with her, what should I say when asking her out? I feel like asking her out first is less awkward because if we become friends first, she'll probabably know I'm already interested anyway because I took the time to make friends with her.


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  • Knock on her door and get to know her


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  • You want to make your intention of a date known sooner than later but a cold ask out could be awkward so there is a balance there. Do you have anything in common? Usually it's pretty perfect to have the first "date" be an excuse type thing that you both do... studying or something you know?