Do you text your girlfriend on a daily basis? What's the norm?

Do you text your girlfriend every single day? Or do you text/call every other day/every 2-3 days? What is the norm in a progressing healthy relationship? Does the amount of his texts associate to this level of interest?


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  • A lot of this depends on the type of person, some people prefer having a bit of space when it comes to things like this so their rate of texting might be a bit slower compared to other guys. I personally would text my girlfriend every single day if I could (and if she doesn't mind either).


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  • My boyfriend and I call each other every day and only text when we aren't able to speak on the phone or computer. We're both college kids in a LDR so we don't have much going on. Most of our days are spent with one another, even though we're apart. Talking so often makes our relationship pretty easy actually.


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  • It really varies from couple to couple, but my girlfriend and I text/call every minute we can every day. We're a bit intense though so I think we talk a lot more then normal couples, cause we were gossipy best friends before getting together.

    A guys texts doesn't generally correlate to his interest, but if he's barely replying he probably isn't really that into you. But it really does vary from guy to guy, what matters is how you are together in real life :)


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