She unmatched me on Tinder?

I met this amazing women on tinder and we exchanged numbers. We have gone out on multiple dates and last week she cooked me dinner for my birthday. Although two weeks prior to my birthday she unmatch me on Tinder. Does that mean anything?


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  • I do not use Tinder... but I am assuming maybe because you two are already acquainted, she took you off that site/app. If she starts distancing herself or making up excuses, she might have lost interest. But until then, if things are going fine, I wouldn't look too much in to it.


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  • maybe she deleted her account because she has you now? XD

    • I still use tinder for other dates and as I was swiping I came upon her again. So she did not delete her acct.

    • Strange xD then I don't know.

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  • I don't use tinder so I wouldn't really know about it but since you both have each others numbers maybe she unmatched you because she can still talk to you on the phone. Have you messaged her since?


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