Is a guy ever 'too busy' to talk to a girl he likes?

Long story short, the guy I like is travelling right now. We were talking daily but we haven't talked for a few days now. Last time I heard from him he said sorry he's been busy and hasn't had much wifi, but we would have a good chat soon.
Anyway since it had been a few days I said hey hows your week going, and he came up on my newsfeed 10 minutes later replying to someon's comment but hasn't replied yet.
I don't know if i'm overthinking it or being insecure. I thought he mustn't like me anymore, my friend said I'm being silly and he probably is actually busy.
Do I need to relax and trust that he likes me or just move on?


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  • calm down. he is more than likely busy and doesn't have time to respond. the newsfeed thing is kind of strange but he might have done that instead of texting you because like you said. you guys text daily and he is probably too busy to have a long conversation with you. that is the only reason i can think of

    • We haven't spoken for 3 days and he's actually online now :(
      Otherwise I wouldn't be doubting myself because he seemed like he really liked me before that.
      You could be right though. And I have had a lot more time on my hands than usual
      Maybe I should just back off and see what happens?

    • have you sent him a message recently?

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  • Move on! No other option.


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  • You just wait and watch. Don't take any initiative from your side. It's the best thing you can do at this moment.

  • Nope, not me anyway. I'll usually take any opportunity, no matter how full my schedule is

  • You got dumped. It's just a shame he never had the balls to tell you.

  • I don't know, either.


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