Lied about not being a virgin... how do I tell her?

Met a girl online quite a few months back and when the question of whether i've been with any girls or not was brought up, i said in the spur of the moment that i had been. I lied cuz i didn't want her to think any less of me and didn't want to seem inexperienced to her at the time. I regret it now knowing how close we've gotten to each other to the point of trying a long distance relationship and i feel horrible and guilty for holding on to this lie. We are gonna meet soon...

by the way she's also a virgin, but im so afraid of telling her cuz the most important thing to her is honesty and i feel like this could ruin everything. I dont want to potentially lose something great over a stupid lie i shouldn't have done.
How do i tell her? I really dont want to lose her


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  • Tell her exactly what you just typed here...


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  • Dude, explain her everything, tell her exactly why. I'm sure she'll understand that you felt pressured, and you didn't know each other too good.
    Be 100%, I doubt that it'll ruin things.


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  • Oh no. You need to fix this. You need to tell her. The longer you wait the more it grows, the more she will hate you. So jus approach her when she is happy and tell her the truth

    • hate me?

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    • right... but for example if someone did this to you, would you find it such an unforgivable act that you could hate them for it? she really dislikes lying and i'm afraid this could really ruin things. I mean in my opinion i dont think its a HUGE deal but I don't know

    • Well I would be upset but I would eventually get over it. But say if you had this secret keepin from me for a yr... I would wonder what else you are keeping from me. If you know girls then you know they keep analyzing and thinking.

  • Yikes I sure hope you're not the same dude who's all "I can only date virgins" because wowza.

    • what? no wth

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    • I just can't get over the fear of potentially ruining things... she dislikes lying above all else.

    • Then you probably shouldn't have lied to her.

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  • Well, now that you have lied. Don't be a sissy and walk out.
    Stand by your lie. No one actually knows the truth apart from you (possibly your friends) , so make her believe that it is the truth.

    • so you're saying i'm better off not saying? would it be much better to tell her later on in relationship when such a thing wouldn't be able to break the relationship, since now is still really early on?

    • No, You never tell her, not even when you are on your deathbed and she had been married to you for 60 years.