Is his mom acting crazy about it?

My boyfriend is 28 and i am 24. We have been together seriously for 4 years now. Within the next month or two i will be moving in with him. He recently listed me as his first emergency contact over his mom. He gets seizures a lot. Well i got a phone call at work stating he had a bad seizure while working and was rushed to the ER. I got there and i called his mom right away to let her know and her reaction was i can't believe i am listed second as an emergency contact i should be notified first i am his mother i gave birth to hkm blah blah blah. Im thinking in my head are you serious you just found out your son is in the hospital because he had a seizure and your first reaction is getting upset that you werent called first shouldn't you be more concerned about your sons health? I dont even get why it bothers her so much its not like we just started dating or something it makes sense that once you are in a committed adult relationship and you are looking to settle down with that person and move in with them you would list them first and want them notified first about an emergency? Is his mom acting crazy about it?


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  • Yes she is tell her to pipe the fuck down.

    • Maybe in a nicer way then me

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    • People just need to get over themselves and realize the world doesn't revolve around them and they have to suck it up and get over it sometimes.

    • I know.
      It's not the hospital going say sorry he's dead but we had to phone everyone in his phone book to let them know

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  • when you become a mother you will understand.

    • No i mean i totally get being like aww man i am not the only most important women in my sons life i feel a little sad. Thats perfectly normal and one thing but to freak out and act crazy about a perfectly healthy normal part of growing up thats a bit much. Especially freaking out when your son is in the hospital.

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    • its sad you are getting upset about it, it truly is

    • I think its the other way around his mom is the one getting overly worked up about something so petty. Sorry but i don't think i should have to deal with a mother in law who doesn't have boundaries and can't key go. Again if the roles were reversed and his mother was listed first you would lavel me crazy for grtting that upset. So it is hypocritical for you to say its perfectly ok for her to get upset