Would this turn off be wrong?

So I like this guy he is cute super funny and its intresting to talk to him we have some things in common. But anyways he is a few years older than me he is 25. But he doesn't have a job he has no intrest in going to college. He lives with his parents which I dont really mind. But my question is how does he think he is going to make it through life. This for me is kind of a turn off because its like he has no goals. I understand we are young and need to enjoy life but also we need to worry about our future. what do you all think?

we aren't dating or anything I just liked him.


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  • He sounds like he's a manchild. At 25 I had a good job and was preparing to buy my first house. I had a degree.

    I still enjoyed video games and partying but I also knew what my responsibilities and obligations as an adult were.


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  • What does this guy do with his time? Just play games? He seems to be leeching off of his parents, by 25 there are people who own successful businesses and while that is a minority of people it shows that really the only thing defining how well you do in life is yourself. I think the guy is irresponsible and selfish.

    • this is so true. But I thought of that but didn't know if I was being to judgmental but I guess the truth hurts.

  • At twenty five I was working my career choice. I don't fault anyone for not going to college because it isn't for everyone. I was married and had two kids at that age

  • Not everyone is going to have a clear direction to move towards. It's just a challenge you could decide to help him work through.

    Don't date a man with an empire, instead forge an empire with him.


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