Why women don't care about looks?

why is it that women don't care about looks? to the point where an ugly guy can come along and bag a blake lively lookalike easy peasy, but a decent looking guy like me can only bag kaley cuoco lookalikes?


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  • What's wrong with kaley cuoco? And girls do care about looks... and it's almost impossible for an ugly guy to get a girl that looks as good as Blake lively

    • well thats what im saying... it can't be impossible if i've seen it happen. i guess you're also wrong about women caring about looks then? as to your first question, she isn't that pretty. based on my looks, i should be getting better looking girls than her

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    • Kayley cuoco***

    • yes, obviously they dont apply to every girl, but im asking how do you know they apply to ANY girl other than yourself? from talking to your friends? how many friends do you have?

      and yeh thats my point. i AM reasonably good looking, but women dont CARE about looks, thats the problem

  • We're easily manipulated?

    • I mean - how many women are with men who are horrible to them? Why don't they leave? Because they're so easily dissuade

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    • hahahahaha

    • ergo, your problem

  • I just looked up Kaley and damn she's gorge I dont know what you're talking about...
    And hey, I admit I care about looks.


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  • obviously you don't know what ugly means.

    • what i dont know is what you're saying