Girls, Would you date a guy who has never had sex before?

What if he got really nervous right before sex?


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  • Absolutely. If he got really nervous then I'd do everything I could to make him comfortable, and/or stop if he wanted me to

    • I get really scared right before it happens. I feel that I should get over this fear because I am in my early 20s and not a boy anymore.

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    • It is just I have never been that close to a person before so I feel that the emotions would be overwhelming. I get all shaky.

    • That must be difficult :( . But it's understandable. I'm sure a girl who liked you enough for you two to be about to have sex would respect whatever you needed to feel comfortable; she'd want to make it a good experience for you

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  • Yes, I would. It doesn't matter to me.

    • That makes me feel a bit better. I get anxious about it and feel lightheaded if I feel I am leading up to it.

  • Totally! I would love it actually.