Boyfriends friends girlfriends don't like me?

My boyfriend and I often go out with his friends and their girlfriends. I get along so well with all of his friends, I really enjoy hanging out with them but I'm struggling to find my place with all of their girlfriends.

I've naturally always been more comfortable hanging with guys but I really want to make an effort with all of these girls because I genuinely think we'd all get along great. I feel as though I have been trying, I always talk to them and attempt joining into their conversations etc but in all honesty I just get a vibe that they're disliking me more the nicer I am!

I've spoken to my boyfriend about it and he's given the typical "they're just jealous" response but I feel as though he's just being nice. Even if that was the case surely that's not enough to warrant not being friendly with someone you seen regularly?

I'd really like any tips for anyone that's been in this situation and how they overcame it but any advice would be great :)


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  • I have seen this before. The other girls are in a click together and you are an "outsider" to them and they just don't want you to join in. You know how some women can be! Some women hate other woman for no logical reason at all. Chances are only one of those girls doesn't like you and her bad attitude is spreading to the others. What ever it is, I would bet it is total bullshit. Anyway, trying too hard will get you nowhere and actually make you look pathetic to them. Also, don't over step the friend boundary with their boyfriends for obvious reasons. I would say to try to find things in common with them and areas of conversation you have with them where your opinions and viewpoints match theirs. Try to support their view points on issues. You have to be careful. This is tight balancing act between trying to fit in, and simply over doing it and sucking up. I would say to safely stay on the conservative side. The other thing to remember is that these girls can be mean and total bitches. So it may not matter what you do, say or wear, they will never like you or accept you. So remember that is their problem and don't let them get to you.


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  • My boyfriends friends that are girls don't like me and its because they are genuinely jealous.
    Maybe he's being truthful?


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  • I think you're doing everything right. If they don't want to like you they won't. Who knows why that may be but you don't need to worry. Sometimes it's just worse the more you try to integrate yourself. Just be nice and polite whenever you talk to them and if anyone has a problem with that then they aren't really worth being your friends with.

    Maybe they think you're TOO friendly with their bf's but that's just a random guess.

  • women hate each other by nature, it's science


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