Does this guy know that I like him or that I used to like him?

One of my church friends who goes to university with me is from another country and he says that after he graduates from university he wants to go back to his home country. This surprised me because the tuition that international students pay to go to my school is about 4-8 times what Canadian students pay in my Canadian university and I thought he was undoing all the sacrifices that his parents made for him to come to Canada by returning to his home country after graduation. I asked him for clarification "so you are going to your home country after you graduate?"

And he looks at me and says "yes, sorry, girl..."

Why would he apologize for wanting to go back to his home country? Does he secretly think that I wanted to marry him or be with him long term? It was a secret desire but I thought I hid it well.


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  • I think you're overthinking. It was just a polite yes


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  • It could be that or maybe he just heard a bit of disappointment in your voice in asking the question so he thought he needed to answer with an apology.

  • Did he ask that with a smile? Or a little bit irritated?
    Obviously that could be the difference between him liking you or... oh dear :o


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