Need quick advice. Should I text him again?

Hello Everyone,

So this guy in my class asked me to hangout with him earlier this week and i said sure that tommorow (thurs) would be great. Me and him haven't talked since then (Sun), so i texted him today the day before our hangout, if it was still on? He never replied back and then i decided to check his facebook chat to see if he has been on it and Guess what? He has!! So now my question is, should i send him a facebook message or text him again if we are still hanging out tommorow? will i look desparate or should i just leave things and not text him at all? His he blowing me off? like this is making me a little annoyed!!

Also we are partners in class for group project so i would still have to see him like when i have that class sadly.


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  • Wait until the morning of the hangout day to text again


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  • Don't text or message him again.


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  • Leave it... it will look desperate. he's been online and seen your message he will reply when he can.