Girls, would you stop talking to a guy you like online if you found out he's fat?

so say you two were talking online. you start to feel a connection and then ask him for an emailed picture. you find out he's kinda fat. would you stop talking to him? not fat fat, but still fat. you know?

  • I wouldn't care and would still seek romance with him.
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  • I would still be friends with him.
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  • I would stop talking to him.
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keep in mind that he can just work the weight off. I'm sure he'll do that with the right motivation and encouragement from a girl he likes. or just stay friends and watch another girl help him lose the weight and lose him to someone else.


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  • I'd be friends with him, but I'll be honest, I don't know if I'd pursue things romantically. It depends. I'd have to see him in person too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I definitely won't date him, but I've never exactly wanted to be with someone who was overweight by too much. I'd like someone who was at a healthy weight. It doesn't mean they are ruled out completely.

    • so you wouldn't just help him lose the weight? I'm sure a man is willing to lose weight and work hard for a girl he likes.

    • Well, I mean it depends. I'm not the best motivator... lol.


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  • I would keep talking to him. We have a connection, doesn't matter what he weighs. I'm not skinny either and I would still give him a chance. It's possible that we could be very happy together :)

  • I wouldn't be opposed to being just friends, but I wouldn't be romantically interested. It's a huge turn off. :/

  • It depends on the overall look I guess

  • Of course I wouldn't stop talking to him