Guy jokes about marriage and kids and we've only known each other a week?

So I'm a freshman in college...18 years old. A guy I have been seeing for 8 days now always has something to say about the future, which is nice cause he sees me as somewhat serious but bad since he's going pretty damn quick (he's 26)

He has said to me after our first kiss, "Tell me that you love me" and also joked about me loving him since I said we haven't seen each other in a long time (3days). That was the 5th day we knew each other. The same evening, we were very intimate and when he asked me what I wanted out of him and i, I said a relationship and he said "like husband and wife?" when clearly I meant boyfriend and girkfriend. He also said "I wonder how pretty our kids will be..." which is odd cause my past relationships even when men who were also over 21 never said things like that.

I also told him I was getting an apartment next year. He was astounded that my idea of next year was not next semester but instead, the next fall school year, so in 2 semesters. Our first date when I told him that, I said "I might get an apartment but I don't have a roommate" and he said "me", very eagerly. We also talked about travel and he said that he's going to go to South America in 2018 and I should come.

I get that he's in settling down age but what do you guys think of this?


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  • You need to get away from him. Those hooks and claws are coming out very quickly.


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  • I've said things like that but not to that degree. I don't like wasting time. So if she's not on the same page it's best to know right away.

  • Be cautious he sounds like he's in a different place than you. You should focus on your studies and having fun. Dont go to fast you'll miss out on growing as an individual and may ferl trapped.


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  • Did you have sex with him? Because some guys will say things just to get you into bed. That does not mean that the mean what they say

    • No, not yet. But he did speak about sex and how he thinks it is necessary for a relationship.

    • *THEY

    • Don't go by his words go by his actions
      Men can say anything