My guy loves kissing but the ssecond date to soon for a lot of kissing? how do I tell if he is trying to get more then just kissing?


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  • He IS probably trying to get more than kissing. Even if he wanted a relationship, why would he not want more? You don't have to let him have it, but if you like it, why not?

    How would you feel if he wanted nothing, not even kissing? Let's say you've been going out for months and he seems like like he likes you and wants to know you more, but he is not even trying to kiss you or get anything sexual. What would be your reaction? Would you think he wants a relationship with you.
    Would you prefer going out with a guy who loves to kiss you and wants more or the guy who seems to have no sexual attraction for you?


What Girls Said 1

  • Kissing is fine on the second date however if you don't feel comfortable with it then he should tell him you're not ready. If he wants more then he'll likely push you towards sexual things such as touching.