How to move faster with girls?

Recently, I have been really thinking that what my family has told me is right when it comes to me moving really slow with pursuing a girl I am attracted to. Right now there is this girl I like, but I am still trying to feel her out and try to get to know more about her, before I really take the jump and ask her out. Another thing I have always been told is that I tend to keep people at a certain distance, via joking around since I joke around a lot. I guess that is true, because I just don't want to get hurt like most and I have always come out on the losing end with girls. To also state I am very scared to get cheated on, whether it is known or not known which has happened to me before I just happen to find out. The reason for feeling a little nervous about this situation is, because she is still in contact with her ex-boyfriend so I am not sure if I should take the jump and just go whole-hearted in this, knowing full well that there is a great chance that I could end up in the losing end again. Looking for advice on this situation.


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  • Try not to take it too fast since she is still in contact with her ex. You never know what could happen between them. At the end of the day you don't want to get hurt so if she's not really in the "moving on zone" as yet, you should wait ( attempting is better than doing nothing) or you could move on and find someone else.


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  • I think it has to do with attraction. The more attracted she is to you the sooner shell want to sleep with you. The greater the sexual tension, the harder it will be for her to resist sleeping with you. That's why the guys they hook up with are often more attractive than the guys they take things slow with.

    As far as how to make a girl lust after you, half of it is physical appearance, the other half is personality. What turns one girl on might bore another girl. So there's really no secret formula. As a generalization, it helps to be around 6ft with a toned physique and masculine facial aesthetics. For personality, confidence, humor and being fun are good traits to have.


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  • Truth is, there is no way to make things move faster with girls. Either they want to go at the same pace as you, or they don't. =\

    When girls aren't ready to be in a relationship with you, and they need more time, you have to think of it as cookies in the oven. You may be hungry, but trying to take the cookies out early won't solve anything. Either wait for the cookies to finish, or look for other options that don't take so long to bake.

    I think you should go with your gut and not move too fast with this girl, but that doesn't mean you have to be miserable in the meantime. Try seeing some other girls for now, and maybe you'll find someone else, or maybe by the time you're done she'll be ready for a new commitment.

    Best of luck!

  • Just ask her out