Guys, Am I right about this?

This guy I'm interested in we've known each other for a year now he likes me I like him we haven't had sex yet we went out to dinner and stuff then recently I asked him why he was shy when me and him were alone he was quiet and awkward didn't say a word he never texted me back until the next day saying I'm not ready for him pretty much saying he wants sex. I told him " I already know you don't want a relationship and sex that's all it will ever be" he said that's not true. I told him I rather talk in person and he seemed like he didn't want to. yes i let him wait a year but why have sex with him and he shows as if he can't open up to me in person. He only communicates through texting. I guess he's shy when we're alone but doesn't like talking in person? Am I right he just wants sex? Why doesn't he like talking in person?


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  • Yes you're right. All he wants is sex, as much as he may deny it. He sounds very immature, definitely don't give it to him. I'd say it's time to dump him if it's been a year and you can't talk in person.

  • Was he like this a year ago when y'all weren't "together" or flirting?

    • He was outgoing and was cool guessing To impress me but now its just like he's using me he wasn't like this before I guess since he started college he's been acting this way.

    • Probably changed or is using ya