My boyfriend's cat is afraid of my dog?

What can I do? His solution is to just stay over at my place all the time but sometimes I like going to his. It stresses him out to have my dog over. He likes my dog but I think it bothers him that it is stressing his cat out.

Maid we are going to be long term is like to be able to take my dog to his place at some point. I think with time they could get along or we will just keep them in separate rooms but I don't know. ­čśö


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  • The longer their together they'll adjust. They might not like each other but they'll learn

    • The cat has always been afraid of dogs. It makes me so sad. I understands boyfriends concern and I do t want to traumatize either animal, my dog is a rescue so she gets spooked by tiny dogs and cats. Her go to method is to retreat but I feel in the end it is worth it. I just don't want to push it with him. ­čśĽ

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  • You'll have to talk it out at some point.


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  • Get a little dog like mine. He's afraid of everything lol

    • Ditching my dog is not an option...

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