Does he likes me?

ok so I met this guy 1 month and a half ago at volunteering we only get to see each other once a week but we saw each other the whole weekend last weekend at volunteering. He is the leader and he is always asking me if i need to eat something or something to drink, The other day my mom went to pick me uo from a special event at the volunteering and he said bye to my mom so happy and gave me a kisss on the cheek to say bye then the other day he would onyl say hi by a hi5 . Then i will cal him and he will always say he doesn't have my number saved and he will always say he doesn't rememebr i was coming or that i work but he has all writed down. he called me once because he sai he thouhg i was tired and i wasn't going to volunteer then he send me a facebook request and he would smile me with a shy smile. He would always offer me a ride from someone else from the team. Today i was looking for him and couldnt find him and someone said she though you left and he said I would never leave you He also said I have your facebook ( we are finishing this volunteering in a few days ) if we dont see each other here we can see each other outside. Then he said that im a genious because i have full marks on my homework then he was teasing me saying poeple in my carrer is not too smart (engineering) then I told him to check what i wrote on the computer because i didn't understand everything he wrote and he said ok boss and each time we say bye we are like should we kiss or shake hands.


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