Does he like me? What should I do?

I've been friends with this guy named Joel for 3 years now, and he is a year younger than I am. Well, it all started when I broke up with my boyfriend and he was having a twist with his girlfriend, and after they broke up, I was there for him, the calls, the chats, and if I share about another guy with him, he'll be saying "you're cheating on me, how could you" i thought it was just a stupid thing, But, in my birthday, he gave me a box , containing various types of chocalates and each, has two or three of them. We would chat as if we're dating, " i love you" the sweet texts, he once told me about his ex girlfriend and stuff. To cut the story short, I didn't contact with him for three months as we're busy with school, I'm 17, and he's 16. One day, his ex asked me what type of nobel genre that I love reading, and few days after that, he bought me a novel , which is quite costly. There's this guy, who's just a friend that I bump into, and we're friends, not like me and joel, like normal friends. And joel acted differently ever since. That new friend, asked for my friend's skittles and I gave him, and the whole class looked at us , and joel didn't even turn back, but his friend did. Ever since then he was like " so, Nick is your new boyfriend hah? How could you cheat with me " " I'm gonna get rid of the arrow on my heart " " I hope you're happy with him" And I had explained many times and he seemed to not care. And I said " well, you're the one who's cheating on me, you're like a playboy" Him -" who?" I said -" amanda, taylor, marie, someone I forgotten, the a year and a half" And he said " I have been in a relationship, not more than just 3, amanda , taylor marie.." And now, silence, what should I do, does he like me? Or nah? Or just as a friend?


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  • I think he likes you; ultimately, you have to ask yourself do you feel the same way?


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  • In my case my best friend is a guy and he never asks like that. The question is do you like him? If you don't leave things how they are. If you do I think you should have a nice face to face chat with him and tell him how you feel because he gives me the impression that he really likes you.

    • The thing is that, we fought , and I had to ask the new friend, to fake telling me that he has a girlfriend, and when I screenshot the chat and sent it to joel, he just replied 'K'

      To be honest, I liked him once, and now, it's kinda like a so so, and I really don't want to ruin my friendship with him. Do you have any idea how I could make him accidentally admit that he likes me?

    • That's the thing no guy would get mad at a girl if he doesn't have strong feelings for or cares for her, especially when she is hanging out with a new friend and feel jealous that he might lose that special bond. I Know you don't want to lose that friendship you have but if he acts this way just because you hang out with a new guy he might even distance himself from you trust me because it happened to me. The best way to know is by asking him. I don't think there is a real method to know when someone likes you for sure because everybody is different and has different ways of thinking. Just be honest and tell him what boders you I think he will understand and also be considerate of his feelings and tell him to be honest with you about his feelings on this situation. Good luck!


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  • If you like him, you should ask him out and you'll get an answer immediately.