Has anyone every made fun of you for dating fat women?

My girlfriend definitely qualifies as bigger. However, I honestly love bigger and I dislike curvy and skinny. People will constantly make fun of me and her since I look fit as hell and she doesn't. She is very self concious when we are out in public since people constantly stare. Has this ever happened to any of you guys?

How many of you men like dating bigger women?


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  • This is a great questions, I'm dying to see answers


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  • If you like bigger women, then that's great. That's more opportunities for me. I don't; I just don't find bigger women attractive.


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  • It happened once, but that wasn't regarding size.

    My ex was wearing round glasses, and we were casually walking along a shopping street. Then a group of 4-5 people went over to my ex, who stood beside me, and they began to laugh at her and told her she looked like Harry Potter and they said she only would need a lightening bolt to be 100% like harry potter.

    I then pushed her behind my back and I told the guys that if she was Harry Potter then I would be manliest Ginny Potter around... They were so confused that they stopped laughing at went away again, while me and my ex were laughing our asses off.

  • My gut says, you must be fat yourself.
    In that case, you are in a pretty biased situation to say anything about fat women yourselves.

    • No actually, I'm not. You seem like one of those guys who can't fathom why a fit guy would go for a fat woman.

    • That'd be hypocritical of me. I was guessing.

  • one of my best friends like bigger women, no big deal.