Does she still love me?

I've been in love with this girl for 5 years. Started dating in January, said she was absolutely in love with me. We broke up for 2 months due to circumstantial issues, but got back together almost 2 months ago. I still love her like crazy and I still tell her. But ever since we got back together? She's never said anything about her feelings for me. And if I ask about how she feels, I'm being an ass and I'm not supposed to ask cause she's not ready to tell me.

Am I just being used or something?
Is it selfish to just want to know what I am to her?


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  • Honestly, if you told her that you loved her that much in the last 2 months and she still hasn't said anything back... then that's a pretty one-sided love. It's understandable if she wasn't ready to say that she loved you back in the first week of being back together, or maybe even the first month... but two months is way too much. In my opinion, you do have the right to ask her about her feelings and have a talk. After all, what is the purpose in having a relationship where you are constantly worried about what the other person is feeling for you? Sure, not all relationships are "perfect" and "lovey-dovey" all the time, but that's besides the point. You're supposed to be assured that the other person at least loves and cares for you as much as you do for them.


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  • She doesn't love your wallet anymore