I don't want to kiss, I don't like anyone but I wish I did. Advice?

I don't feel the need to kiss or have a boyfriend but when I see couples there's a knot in my stomach. I don't even like anyone - guys my age just want to sleep with me and most of them are afraid to talk to me because Is we through their silly mind games, older guys approach me more and I feel more comfortable around them but because I'm 18 they feel I'm too young. Even when I like somebody I'm like "eh" and move on with my daily routines.
I'm sick of everyone being surprised that I don't have a boyfriend or thinking that I'm a lesbian while I'm just attracted to girls sexually and not romantically. I just wish I was normal, any advice or opinion?


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  • satisfy your sexual urges via women that you're attracted to while developing a strong friendship with a guy, doesn't have to be romantic or sexual, but in time it might blossom into something more like what you want on your own time too


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  • It sounds pretty normal to me. It seems like you're just in a place where having a relationship isn't a priority. Sure, every single person gets that lonely feeling when they see a cute couple or something but it doesn't mean you need a relationship. Don't worry about it! You can be content without one.