Why do my brother and sister Always try to make me fel stupid?

They always act like they are the smart ones, and im not the smartest, my brother acts like an asshole, blocks me on app, doesn't add me on facebook, and kept ignoring me during Christmas or trying like i dont exist. My younger sister keeps downgrading me with sneaky comments and tries to make herself look better. I feel like they are miserable and i find it hard to distance myself because i dont have any family other then them. Are they jealous of me? i feel like they are always in a competition with me


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  • Family does that. I have 5 siblings. If we are in the same room for more than 5 minutes the claws come out. (which is the nice way to put it) And Family on FB is always a mixed bag, never know what mortifying story they might post.


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  • I don't know why they try to do that, but have you tried addressing your concerns to them?