Kinda in the friend zone right now with this girl, don't know what to do?

I have been friends with this girl for a while. At the first we were just friends, in the summer, she started to have feelings for me and we started talking. After coming back to college we hooked up a few times and i heared from her friends that she wants to date. but i asked her a few times she just said now isn't a good time for her to have a relationship. A couple weeks later, she told me she just want to be friends. Then later we had a big argument about other stuff, so we stoped talking for a month. Now we just started hanging out again. Does she really mean it when she said she's not ready for a realtionship (she does have a few of her own issues), or she is just saying that to keep me around.

Is there any advice to make her have that feeling for me again?


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  • From the sound of things, I think she's being honest when she says she isn't ready. I know I've done that before. I was really into this guy and we were planning to meet up, but out of nowhere I felt anxious and backed out of it. She could have had a bad past experience and it's holding her back. So the best thing to do would be to give her, her time and go from there. Patience is key!

    • you might be right, I was a little pushy about that. Now I feel like she's talking to some other guy, but we still hangout alone sometimes.

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  • I think she wants to play the field. She is in college and surrounded by other guys all the time. I think she is bottling you up and storing you on the shelf for when she is ready. For now you are getting played. No guarantee she will come back to you when ready. She may start dating someone else and leave you in the dust. I wouldn't be a sucker for that. Enjoy your friendship, but I would keep my eyes open for someone else to have a dating relationship with.


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  • She is dealing with her life.


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